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accounts. Please use the web sites!

AmericanAirlines  Retiree Website


​AA Jetnet Help Desk 1 (888) 207 – 2607

American Airlines Federal Credit Union ---------------------------- 800-533-0035
PO Box 619001 – MD 2100
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9001
Employee Benefits Service CTR --------------------------------------- 888-860-6178
HR Services (Address Change, Pension Information, Deaths) - 800-447-2000
APA SMP (Supplemental Medical):
For assistance with APA benefits, contact the Benefits department:
Benefits -------------------------------------------------------------------- 800-323-1470 (ext. 2145) or 817-302-2146

NEW-APA SMP (Dental Claim Form) effective 01/01/2018


Web TPA (APA Supplemental Medical Plan) ----------------------- 800-477-8957
BeneCard Customer Service
01/01/2017 (Pharmacy Benefits) -------- 888-907-0070
AA Medical:
Anthem BC/BS ----------------------------------------------------------- 855-267-1772
BC/BS of Texas ---------------------------------------------------------- 877-235-9258
UnitedHealthcare (www.MyUHC.com) ------------------------------ 800-955-8095
Dental (MetLife) --------------------------------------------------------- 866-838-1072
Life Insurance (MetLife) ------------------------------------------------ 800-638-6420
Healthmatters ------------------------------------------------------------- 888-227-6598
ExpressScripts (Pharmacy Benefits) ----------------------------------- 800-988-4125
AA introduced a new version of Retiree Jetnet last month. (December 2015)

AA Jetnet Help Desk 1 (888) 207 – 2607
AA Trip Book is now referred to as Travel Policy.

LUS “still” does not have access to the Travel Policy Section on the Active or Retiree Jetnet websites.

Emergency and Bereavement Travel
Call: 1-888-We-Fly-AA (888-933-5922)

 ID 20 Travel

Book At: http://www.aa.com/
• Place Reservation on-Hold for 24 Hrs.
• Call: 1-888-We-Fly-AA (888-933-5922)
• AA Will Issue Electronic Ticket

 Some fares may not price with the additional AA20 ticket designator. If the itinerary will not price; contact
We-Fly-AA. Place the booking on hold as allowed by aa.com. It is not required that the booking be created on
aa.com and if preferred, the reservation may be made directly with a Reservations Agent.

 To Book ZED Travel

• Log-in to new Retiree Jetnet
 Select Travel

• Under Other Airline Travel Select: myIDTravel

 Flight Listings for OA
• Under My IDTravel
• Select: http://www.flyzed.info/

NRSA Department (Non-Rev Space Available Department) --
1. For overnight or Certified Delivery:                                                                         2. For standard USPS delivery:
   American Airlines                                                                                                            American Airlines
  NRSA Dept. PHX-RWE-ACR                                                                                         NRSA Department
  1821 W. Rio Salado Parkway                                                                                           4000 East Skyharbor Blvd.
  Tempe, AZ 85821                                                                                                             Phoenix, AZ 85034

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