(from left) Sam Ross, Kit Carson, Duncan McCallum, Joe B. Glass, Howard H. West,
Victor J. Miller, W. H. Proctor, Edward C. Bowe, James H. Burns, Howard B. Cox, Robert J. Rentz

The Inception of The Grey Eagles

In the spring of 1962, the President of the Kiwis, Boots Johnston Hogate, invited all retired pilots of American Airlines to visit the Kiwi National Convention on May 10, 11 and 12 at the Dryden East Hotel in New York City. Eleven retired pilots accepted the invitation. They were W. H. Proctor, J. H. Burns, J. B. Glass, Kit Carson, Duncan McCullum, S. R. Ross, V. J. Miller, H. B. Cox, Howard H. West, E. C. Bowe and R. J. Rentz. Being impressed with the strong feeling of fellowship and camaraderie among the Kiwis, the pilots felt a spark igniting their own smoldering desires of six years for an association where they, too, could continue and meld their strong friendships over the future years. These eleven pilots met at the Dryden East Hotel in New York City on May 11, 1962, at 10:00 a.m. They met again at 9:00 a.m. on May 12, 1962. During these all-day meetings they adopted a name and a set of by laws, and thus: THE GREY EAGLES ASSOCIATION was born. Originally compiled by: Cecil M. Hefner with the help of many Grey Eagle members.


1962 W. H. Proctor
1963 Howard H. West
1964 Paul Carpenter
1965 Duke Ledbetter
1966 Paul Carpenter
1967 Sheldon Shoff
1968 Sheldon Shoff
1969 Cecil Hefner​
1970 Ham Smith
1971 Harry Clark
1972 Chick Luna
1973 Bill Person
1974 Bert Bruce
1975 Jack Gibson
1976 Milt Coppage
1977 Dwight McMillen
1978 Jim Stanford
1979 Bill McCormick
1980 Walt Moran
1981 Fred Illston
1982 Nick O’Connell
1983 Bryce McCormick​
​​​​​​​1984 George Becker
1985 Chuck Shafer
1986 Elton Leach
1987 Tony DeSalvo
1988 Martin Gellart​
1989 Bob Wilson
1990 Joe Gumber​
1991 Fran Fosdick
1992 Cort Dickinson
1993 Bill Bettwy
1994 Tom Eanes
1995 Bob Lagerstrom
1996 Don Allen
1997 Kenneth Phelps
1998 John D. Moore
1999 Robert H. Malone
2000 R. Gary Lopp
2001 George W. McKellar
2002 Jack R. Hinson
2003 Herb Dabelow
2004 Robert E. Mangam
2005 Dale K. Johnson
2006 Martin H. O’Leary
2007 Glenn E. Cribbs
2008 Art Culver
2009 Donald C. Jensen​
2010 Gary Yudell
2011 Ray Seymour
2012 Anthony M. Fortune
​​2013 Bruce D. Ott
2014 Bill Rose
2015 Fred Landbeck
2016 Melanie Jarvi
2017 Robert Hoch
2018 Peter Eschauzier
2019 J. C. Farrell
2020 Dave Pakiz
2021 Joseph Sellers
2022 William Bohlke, Jr.

The Grey Eagles Foundation

(Section 4.18 The Grey Eagle Foundation Policy Manual)


1. The Grey Eagle Foundation exists as a separate entity to The Grey Eagles Inc., having its
own Board of Directors who are charged with managing and disbursing the fund in accordance
with its Charter. The Foundation is a non-profit Corporation and has a tax-exempt status. It was
formed to provide financial assistance to American Airlines pilots and to the spouses and/or
children, natural or adopted, of deceased American Airlines pilots. Prospective recipients of the
Foundation funds are screened by the Foundation Coordinator and presented to the Foundation’s
Board of Directors for approval. The financial assistance is to enable the individuals involved to
maintain a reasonable minimum standard of living, consistent with their individual circumstances
or to compensate for an unexpected catastrophe.

2. The Foundation is supported by donations, either directly through American Airlines
Federal Credit Union deductions, and/or Memorial gifts. Checks and Memorial gifts should be
made payable to THE GREY EAGLE FOUNDATION and sent to the Foundation Treasurer
whose address is printed on page three (3), in the front of the Roster. Acknowledgment will be
sent to both the donor and bereaved in the case of a Memorial.


Grey Eagles Foundation

14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500 • Fort Worth, TX 76155-2512

Fellow Grey Eagles,

I’d like to give you an update on the fall 2020 status of The Grey Eagle Foundation. Again, I would like to thank all of you who have so generously given us your financial support over the years, and especially over the last few years. Your recent contributions have put us in a good financial position.

As you know, the purpose of the foundation is to give financial aid to retired AA pilots, commonly called The Pioneers, and their families who did not have the very fine retirement benefits most of us have received. Over the last 38 years, the foundation has given financial aid to dozens of such pilots and their family members.

The foundation is now giving stipends to two widows of retired pilots, and they will most likely be the last recipients of our aid. We now give a total of $1,200/month or $14,400/year. Their average age is 91. As of the end of September 2020 the foundation had $76,578 of total funds. By the end of 2020 we will have about $72,978. The inf low of contributions this year has almost stopped. We need to collect between $5,000 and $10,000 in donations annually to ensure the viability of the foundation until the need is no longer there. In 2019 you contributed $11,180, so far in 2020, only $1,500. The need for contributions is still here, not as much as in prior years, but more than we are getting now. I am asking that each of you who contributed to the foundation in 2019, contribute the same amount this year. If you will do that, the foundation can continue its mission.

Credit card contributions can no longer be made. To make a contribution, send a check directly to the foundation. Make your check out to: The Grey Eagles Foundation and send it to:

The Grey Eagles Foundation
14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2512

or to

The Grey Eagles Foundation
C/O Steven Fryer – Treasurer
4300 Briar Ridge Drive Colleyville, TX 76034-3873

All contributions are tax deductible, and you will receive a special IRS receipt on contributions of $250 or more. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your contributions and support.

Thank you,

For The Grey Eagles Foundation Board of Directors
Captain Steven Fryer, Retired
The Grey Eagle Foundation

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