The Grey Eagles Foundation

(Section 4.18 The Grey Eagle Foundation Policy Manual)


1. The Grey Eagle Foundation exists as a separate entity to The Grey Eagles Inc., having its
own Board of Directors who are charged with managing and disbursing the fund in accordance
with its Charter. The Foundation is a non-profit Corporation and has a tax-exempt status. It was
formed to provide financial assistance to American Airlines pilots and to the spouses and/or
children, natural or adopted, of deceased American Airlines pilots. Prospective recipients of the
Foundation funds are screened by the Foundation Coordinator and presented to the Foundation’s
Board of Directors for approval. The financial assistance is to enable the individuals involved to
maintain a reasonable minimum standard of living, consistent with their individual circumstances
or to compensate for an unexpected catastrophe.

2. The Foundation is supported by donations, either directly through American Airlines
Federal Credit Union deductions, and/or Memorial gifts. Checks and Memorial gifts should be
made payable to THE GREY EAGLE FOUNDATION and sent to the Foundation Treasurer
whose address is printed on page three (3), in the front of the Roster. Acknowledgment will be
sent to both the donor and bereaved in the case of a Memorial.


Grey Eagles Foundation
14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500* Fort Worth, TX 76155-2512
October 18,2021

Fellow Grey Eagles,

I’d like to give you an update on the fall 2021 status of The Grey Eagle Foundation. Again, I would like
to thank all of you who have so generously given us your financial support over the years, and especially
over the last few years. Your recent contributions have put us in an acceptable financial position.
As you know, the purpose of the foundation is to give financial aid to retired AA pilots, commonly called
The Pioneers, and their families who did not have the very fine retirement benefits most of us have
received. Over the last 39 years, the foundation has given financial aid to dozens of such pilots and their
family members.

The foundation is now giving stipends to two widows of retired pilots, and they will likely be the last
recipients of our aid. We now give a total of $1800/month or $21,600/year. In early 2021,the foundation
board voted to raise the monthly stipend to each recipient from $600to $900. Both recipients are in long
term care facilities and their costs have gone up considerably. They needed the money. Their average age
is 92 .As of September 30, 2021 the foundation had $70,843of total funds. By the end of 2021 we will
have about $65,343. The inflow of contributions this year has almost stopped. We need to collect about
$10,000 in donations annually to ensure the viability of the foundation until the need is no longer there. In 2020 you contributed $12,287, so far in 2021, only $1050 has been contributed. The need for contributions is still here, not as much as in prior years, but more than we are getting now. I am asking that each of you who contributed to the foundation In 2020, to contribute the same amount this year. If you will do that, the foundation can continue its mission.

Credit card contributions can no longer be made. To make a contribution, send a check directly to the
foundation. Make your check out to: The Grey Eagles Foundation and send it to:


The Grey Eagles Foundation
14600 Trinity Boulevard – Suite 500
Ft. Worth, TX 76155-2512

or to

The Grey Eagles Foundation
C/O Steven Fryer – Treasurer
4300 Briar Ridge Dr.
Colleyville, TX 76034-3873

All contributions are tax deductible, and you will receive a special IRS receipt on contributions of$ 250 or
more. A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated. I thank you in advance for your contributions and
continued support.
Thank you!

For The Grey Eagles Foundation Board of Directors,
Captain Steven Fryer, Retired
The Grey Eagle Foundation

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