​​The Foundation Board of Directors and Coordinator *

President                         Alan Egerton
Vice President                Jack R. Hinson
Treasurer                        Steve Fryer
Secretary                        Steve Fryer
Board Member               Tom Martin*
Board Member               Richard L. Lust
Board Member               Frank Walley
Board Member               Stuart Egerton
Board Member               Bob Malone

The Grey Eagles Foundation

The Grey Eagles​ 

​​​​​The Grey Eagles Foundation, Incorporated, is a non-profit Corporation organized solely for general charitable purposes. The Foundation was organized December 15, 1981.

The objective of the Foundation is to provide certain AA pilots who have retired normally, early, or by reason of disability, monetary assistance on a charitable basis as deemed necessary to enable them to meet and offset, to some degree, the effects of inflation and to maintain a reasonable minimum standard of living; as well as to certain widows and surviving children of deceased AA pilots.

Contributions to the Foundation are tax-deductible. A gift sent in "memory/honor/other" helps build the fund. When families of deceased members request donations in lieu of flowers to charities of your choice, please suggest the Grey Eagle Foundation when you pass the information on. 

Provisions have been made to make contributions conveniently by two methods. 

1. To use the U.S Mail, please make your checks payable to "Grey Eagles Foundation Fund" and send it to: 
Grey Eagles Foundation 
Attention: Sue Pyle
O'Connell Building
14600 Trinity Boulevard, Suite 500
Fort Worth, TX 76155-2512
817-302-2116 or 800-323-1470, ext. 2116

2. To pay electronically by check or credit card, click on:

Serving the Pilots of American Airlines