Serving the Pilots of American Airlines  

The Grey Eagles​ 

Regular Membership is limited to active American Airlines pilots who are over the age of 50, and retired pilots who flew as a scheduled airline pilot for American Airlines or any of its incorporated companies; and was normally or medically retired.  Fee: $400 with initial application (paid in full) or $200 with initial application and $100/year for 2 years.

Auxiliary Membership is available to widows/widowers of individuals who could have qualified as regular members for a one-time fee of $100. 
​You may make application online and  "SUBMIT"  when all information below is complete. After you complete  and  "SUBMIT"  this application you will receive an email invoice from The Grey Eagles Treasurer with instructions on payment by credit card, check or direct transfer from your checking account.

If you have payment questions call GE Treasurer Stephen L. Brooks @ 570-620-7809